Lögmál offers general legal services. We emphasize the importance of personal interaction.

Lögmál ehf offers general legal services. We emphasize the importance of personal connections with clients. 

Lögmál ehf serves companies, institutions and associations, for example by counsel of general nature to enterprises, drafting of agreements, consultation on employment matters, and provision of collection services and representation in court. We also emphasize services to individual persons, in particular tort cases and accident indemnity, matters concerning real property, criminal cases, estate settlements, and any general representation in the lower, intermediate and supreme judicial instances.


Representation in Litigation

The lawyers of Lögmál ehf have extensive experience of representation in court. They undertake representation in the lower, intermediate, and supreme judicial instances, as well as representation in courts of arbitration or before administrative authorities, as the case may be.

Fees for representation in litigation depend on the extent and amount of work in each individual case, having recourse to the Rate of Lögmál ehf.  Generally, an agreement on remuneration terms is concluded with a client in each case, usually providing for a charge being made monthly or as each assignment progresses.

If further information is required, please contact us by phone 511-2000, or send an inquiry to e-mail address  logmal@logmal.is.

Collection Services

Lögmál ehf offers efficient legal collection of debts in default, emphasizing professional and expeditious procedure.

We make binding proposals for debt collection if requested.

If further information is needed, please contact us by phone 511-2000 or send an enquiry to logmal@logmal.is.

Other services

Torts and indemnities – Testamentary dispositions – Marriage agreements – Cohabitation agreements – Estate settlements – Debt restructuring – Lease agreements – Composition with creditors – Establishment of companies – Purchase and sale – Asset management and settlement of liabilities – Document compilation and counselling

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